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Student Affairs Department

The brief introduction of Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs Department is responsible for the management and use of the finance. It provides student with various types of scholarship, work-study, financial aid, and national student loans. Check and arrange the material, file and archive the regular document inside and outside of the school. Administer student’s enrollment status, diploma degree certificates and other related work.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Student Affairs Department is the ideological education. It holds thematic educational activities and ceremonies. At the same time, it carries out some teacher trainings (pre-job training, daily training), and summarizes various assessment, conference papers and other manuscripts. Strengthen the construction of Party Staff Team. To design and develop the network, school’s website. Recommend some excellent network works to declare, which can represent the school. To popularize and intensify the national defense education、military training.

Student Affairs Department mainly recruits student from all regions. (Including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Attract various types of excellent students by making special enrollment and examination plans. Carry out all kinds of different policies and finish the filing of Student’s data.

Student Affairs Department builds the entrepreneurial team and offers some related curriculums. According to specific situation, it provides some excellent guidance which help student or company to run well.